Vans x Sole Classics "Funk" Collection

Release Info

Sole Classics and Vans are proud to launch our 6th collaborative project; The Funk Pack on Friday, June 28th, 2019 through a New York pop-up experience, and globally on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 exclusively in-store at our Dublin location and online at This entire collection consists of 4 Vans footwear silhouettes. There will also be 4 collaborative tops with 10Deep, 2 Hats, a women's top, 2 men's tops, a pair of bottoms, socks and a tote bag that will tie in with the footwear. Finally, we created a vinyl album with all original music that will be passed out for FREE to the first 100 people in line who make a purchase at both our New York and Dublin (Columbus, OH) in-store releases. Please note that the New York pop-up shop will be open from 12pm until 6pm on Friday, June 28th, 2019 until Sunday, June 30th, 2019.

Further details will be announced closer to the date if necessary.

The Heart and Soul of Funk

Funk. Soul. Ohio. Three four-letter words that are interwoven into the fabric of music history. While Funk music can't be traced back and pinpointed to one exact origin, its rich history enjoys some of the most recognizable names in sound. Funk music can't be compartmentalized as just another genre of music because Funk music knows no bounds; it has transcended time and transformed to take on the identity of the artists who have used the medium to spread good vibes to the masses. The boom-bap of the drums, the careful manipulation of guitar strings, the raw delivery of vocal, the use technological advancements. Funk music made such an impact on people because it was not afraid to push boundaries and evolve with time.

The smooth sound of Soul is the water to the fire. It loves, it feels pain, it cares and ultimately it pulls on our emotional strings and connects us together through rhythm and harmony. If Funk is the Yin, then naturally Soul music is the Yang, and much like its partner, the sound that we identify as "Soul Music" has taken many popular forms and crossed through many generations and is still a major component of our radio airwaves to this day. Soul music is limitless, it will be around long after any of its peers because in its core, Soul music is love. And love will always overpower it all.

Ohio. Ground Zero to Funk. The epicenter of the Soul. The cultural melting pot of music. If you start in Cincinnati and head up 71 North through Columbus and on your way to Cleveland you will see corn stalks, you will see rural roads, barns, an occasional Amish family riding a horse into a nearby town. You will see farmland stretch as long as the eye can see stocked with cows, and other stereotypical animals that are associated with the countryside. But if you get out of your car on any hot spring day and place your ear to the freshly paved blacktop you will feel the heartbeat of America reverberating through the the cracks of the pavement. While a lot of the images of Ohio do not seem to belong together, the fact of the mater remains that the Midwest lifestyle, the rural roads, the creaky barn doors, and fresh smell of rubber tires in the factory creates a rhythm.. a story.. a pulse. That pulse is America's, and it gave birth to a movement of sound that would go on to influence every artist that has been born in the past 50 years and then go on to change the world. All of this from a string of 'Small Farm Towns.' Welcome to Ohio, the cultivator of the Funk.

Classic Slip-On LX "Peace"

Metal Satin / Harbor Mist / Barbados Cherry / Reflective


"We Come in Peace." The underlining vibe that resounds throughout nearly all of the music from both the Funk and Soul genres is that of Peace. Funk wasn't raised through violence, Soul wasn't bred by hate and both tell stories that ultimately made us feel inner tranquility. The Vault by Vans Classic Slip-On LX features a full satin upper with a red reflective collar and corduroy interior. What makes this shoe unique is its original artwork made up of reflective threading on the vamp of both shoes, with both the left and right shoes wearing different designs. Lastly, there is abstract artwork printed on the midsole.

Sk8-Hi LX "Funk"

Black / Black Leather / True White


Funk is the edgy label placed on arguably the most unique sound in the history of music. It spawned from underground music culture, it evolved into an unprecedented combination of live and digital sounds, and has influenced every aspect of music that came after it. The Vault by Vans Sk8-Hi LX is made up of various high quality leathers including a full grain upper with suede and patent leather signature Vans Sidestripes. There is also a set of alternate laces, a removable jacket with special eyelets, as well as a corduroy interior and a leather star on the heal. Clean. Funky.

Chukka LX "Soul"

Blackberry Cordial / Tillandsia Purple / Grape Jam / Southern Moss


Soul music cannot be compartmentalized the same way as most other music genres. In reality, the sound of many identities has been transformed over time by legendary talent to make us feel every emotional ounce of love, pain, and everything in between. The Vault by Vans Chukka LX consists of a canvas upper, a suede toe-box and a corduroy interior. For the first time ever, the iconic Vans Sidestripe is used on the Chukka silhouette; made up of individual pieces of leather sewn together on top of the canvas panel. Lastly, there are two sets of alternate laces and original artwork stitched to the tongue.

Classic Slip-On Platform "Love"

Delphinium Blue / Crystal Blue / Pepper Green / Flamingo Pink


Although the stories left behind in history are usually told through the pen of man; the footprints of iconic women were not only present in the industry during this time, but the proved to be instrumental in the progression of the sound of both Soul and Funk. Without the women, there is no Funk or Soul. This Women's Vans Classic Slip-On Platform consists of a "disco-ball" iridescent upper, a semi-translucent platform midsole, corduroy sock liner collar, and various print graphic elements.

Lookbook Photos Models: Sam Philips, Alena Newsome, Chika Odinakajo, Joel Sims
Wardrobe: Smartypants Vintage & Mr. King JD’s Closet

On-foot photos Model: Sunday Pizza Location: Flower Child, Columbus

Off-foot photos Location: Spoonful Records, Columbus

Photography, direction, & styling: James Drakeford

Sole Classics x 10 Deep Apparel

To finish off our Funk Collection we also partnered with New York based streetwear giant 10.Deep on a four piece t-shirt capsule. Long Live The Funk. #LLTF