The Hundreds x Sole Classics "Midwest Coast" Snapback

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  • The Hundreds x Sole Classics "Midwest Coast" Snapback
The Hundreds x Sole Classics The Hundreds x Sole Classics The Hundreds x Sole Classics

The Hundreds x Sole Classics "Midwest Coast" Snapback

Sold out



Welcome to The Midwest.

Home of rural farm towns and corn fields. Where cow tipping is a sport and overalls are a staple in any closet. The Midwest; where we say "yawl" right before we spit mounds of dip into old rusted cans, and fly crop dusters.

That may be The Midwest you imagine, but it couldn't be further from the truth. The Midwest is made up of a conglomerate of cities within driving distance that all have their own unique culture and way of life. Cities as big as Chicago, the New York of the Central US. Or as small as Ada, Ohio.. home of the company that makes Wilson Footballs.

In the heart of all of the cities rests one unique place that is more amazing than anyone could imagine. A place with over a million residents and no major rush hour traffic. A place listed as one of the most fashionable places in America by USA Today, and a prime destination for young professionals. A place to raise a family, or start a business. A place central to every major city in the entire Midwest. Columbus, OH is that place, and we embody everything that makes this city great..

The Hundreds connects with us as we continue to tell our golden story.. pay attention. 

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